Best 15 Solutions To Get Rid Of Uneven Skin Tone

An Uneven Skin Tone means darkening the surface of skin irregular. Another name is hyper-pigmentation. The leading cause of this problem is the excess production of Melanin. The  spots & dark patches considered as “aged skin.” It turns your look 15 years older than others. 

On the other hand, look at your skin carefully. You will find that the colour of some side of your body or face is different from the other side. For example, the area around your nose is darker than the rest of your face. Or your neck is decidedly darker than your face. It happens due to several reasons why your skin tone is uneven.

Causes of Uneven Skin Tone:

Sun exposure:  


Sun exposure: everybody loves sun-kissed skin. But when your skin repeatedly used for UV Light, that’s when sun damage occurs. Melanin causes uneven skin tone & brown spot. But, melanin is responsible for protecting the surface of the skin from UV light. UV rays damage your skin cells, making the exposed areas darker. Also occurs hyper-pigmentation. Age spots, sun spots, dark spots, and liver spots are the results of this type of hyper-pigmentation. After that, these appear mostly on your face, hands, shoulders, or other UV exposed areas of your skin.

Pollution Causes Uneven Skin Tone


A tiny particle and gasses from traffic air pollution can make a hole in the skin. And create brown spots, especially on the face. Resulting in dark spots on the surface in an uneven skin tone.

Hormonal changes:

Hormonal changes occur during the time of pregnancy, stress, illness or travel. Also related to age. Melissa, increased hormone stimulation causes hormone-related hyperpigmentation. It can be a reaction to medications or cosmetics and occurs due to changes in hormones.


However, darkening of the skin, mild Rosales, acne lesions or skin injury can cause scarring of the skin. It is also called hyperpigmentation of post-inflammatory. Uneven skin tone can also develop for scaring.

It’s a Healthy Habit to Get Rid of Uneven Skin Tone Complexions

Drink plenty of water

Moreover, drinking lots of water helps to hydrate your body from the inside out. Then always use moisturizer as it helps to soothe skin, resolving dryness and redness also from Skin Concern. Using non-comedogenic moisturizers helps to prevent skin irritation and clogged pores.

Keep in mind that daily moisturize your skin, and not only your face but also your whole body. Using moisturizers on your skin can also help remove soothing age spots. You may choose moisturizers that work great for your skin.

Sunscreen can apply.

Try to use sunscreen daily. It helps to prevent sun damage to your skin. It not only removes immediate redness but also helps to peel burnt skin from sunburns. Moreover, it also removes the age spots.

Avoid food and drinks.

  • Alcohol causes the blood vessels to dilate and lead to a flushed face.
  • Spicy foods increase the redness of the skin.
  • Refine high in sugary foods, making wrinkles.
  • Don’t eat dairy foods that occur trigger types of skin irritation and acne.
  • Don’t eat processed foods like chips and spicy snacks.
  • Also, Oily foods.

Best Home Remedies of Uneven Skin Tone

Baking soda

It helps in recipes of home-made for beauty & skincare. It can smoothly clean rough & dry skin. Also, all brown or dark spots of your skin. Which mostly occurred due to sun exposure or injuries.

How to apply it

Firstly, take 1 tsp of baking soda and mix it with a little water/rose water to make a mixture. Then keep in a dry place for 2 minutes. Now use it on the face. Massage it for 3-4 minutes smoothly. After that, use your fingertips to massage and wait for a few minutes.

Then rinse your face with skin temperature water. You can repeat that remedy twice a day of the week.

Yogurt face mask for Uneven Skin Tone

It is rich in the agent of natural lighting. Also flakes the dry surface of the skin. It eliminates uneven scarring & pigmentation also helps to develop skin tone.

Application process

  • Take 1 tsp of natural yogurt
  • Add 1 tsp of water and mix well.
  • Then use the mixer on your neck & face and wait for 40-50 minutes. 
  • Wash with light warm water.
  • Also, apply the mask 3-4 times a single week.

Powder Milk Mask

Milk powder works the same as yoghurt. It usually used in prep masks that help prevent uneven tanning of the skin.

Applying Process:

  • 1 tsp milk powder and mix with regular liquid milk to make a thick paste.
  • Then apply the mask to your face and neck and let it dry completely.
  • Use some on your hands. Smoothly massage with your tips of the fingers. Now rinse your face with warm water with skin temperature.
  • Also, apply it to protect the uneven skin tone 12 times a month.

Scrub of sugar


However, scrub of sugar is an excellent flaking thing that you can’t imagine. It will destroy the dead scaly skin gently.

How to apply it

  • ¼ cup of sugar with a little amount of water.
  • Then add a little amount of olive oil or face cream & mix it well.
  • Rub the face or other parts of the body where the mixture damages the skin pigment.
  • After that, wash the sugar skin with warm water.

Oatmeal & Honey mask.

Moreover, skin scrubs and a containing ingredient have some benefits. It destroys all dead cells from your skin properly. On the other hand, honey is active against bacteria. And has potent properties to protect from foreign bacteria. It is very beneficial for acne, pimples, and irritations. After that, you can use some well-known organic companies, honey.

How to apply it on skin

  • Take 4 tbsp honey & 4-5 tbsp oatmeal.
  • Make a thick, sticky mixture and apply it over the facial skin.
  • Then smoothly massage with the tips of fingers. And wait 10 minutes.
  • Wash with light warm water and apply your daily moisturizing cream.
  • Three days later, you will see a profound change in your skin. And also the improvement of the complexion.

Lemon juice.

Lemon Juice contains Citric acid. Citric acid fights against skin pigmentation. Moreover, lemons are the huge depositor of vitamin C.

How to apply it

  • Use lemon juice directly with cotton on your skin.
  • Wash your face with warm water after drying it.
  • After that, use a moisturizing cream.

Aloe Vera skin whitening gel

Furthermore, aloe Vera can reduce hyper-pigmentation. Give your skin’s original color. Also, aloe Vera’s cooling effects helps to regenerate new cells and rebuild damaged tissue.

How to apply it

  • Two tbsp aloe Vera gels 
  • Two tbsp Green Tea 
  • 1/2 tbsp Beetroot
  • Grated juice from beetroot.
  • Then add two tablespoons of green tea water.
  • Add two tablespoons of aloe Vera gel.
  • Make a good mixture.
  • Apply the mixture to your skin. Massage it until it is absorbed.
  • Also, leave for 16/17 minutes. Wash it.

Apply once a day. Either in the morning or at night before you go to bed. Leave for 15 minutes.

Best Cosmetic Creams for Uneven Skin Tone.

If you are afraid of laser treatments and prescriptions, don’t be upset. You also have ways of safely and non-invasively brightening your skin.

Natural Retinol Cream Moisturizer for Skin Tone

However, using Natural Retinol Cream Moisturizer helps to reduce lines and wrinkles. Fade sun damage, spots, acne, scars and stretch marks. It helps to improve uneven tone and skin texture. It helps to enhance your true beauty.


Sun Bum SPF 50

Apply for SPF regularly. Using sunscreen or moisturizer with a Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 is the way to prevent spots.


Brightening Face Mask for Skin Tone Of Face

Brightening Face Mask helps to remove dead skin cells. That exfoliating salicylic acid. The brightening plant helps to make skin brighter, smoother and softer.

Lastly, try to use products containing Activated Charcoal to remove pollutants. Oligopeptides, Niacinamide and Zinc Glaciate control melanin production, Retinal to recover the skin.

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