8 Best Simple Method – To Improve Uneven Skin Texture

Skin texture means the external condition of your skin. Skin texture is soft and smooth, well-hydrated and elastin support means your skin is good. Rough, dull, dry, and often sun-damaged skin called Uneven skin texture.

Our skin even has a texture that is soft and smooth. But sometimes some skin problems like Rosacea or acne, our skin texture makes uneven. Use of the wrong poor exfoliation & skincare products. It is resulting in sun damage and anti-aging.

On the other hand, during the winter seasons, dry skin’s texture feels rough and uneven. Uneven skin texture makes you looking dull & feels bumpy. It’s hard to apply cosmetics smoothly or adequately.

Uneven skin texture Causes

1. Damage by the sun.

2.  Smoking also causes damage to collagen and elastin, which makes skin rough. Also, it makes aged skin.

3.   Aging is another reason for sandy skin texture.

4. Our skin’s smoothness and texture are dependent on vitamins and minerals. So make sure your skin gets enough vitamin C and minerals.

5. Ichthyosis, keratosis pilaris, eczema, and psoriasis cause dry & rough skin. It causes grainy skin texture on the face.

How to Improve Skin Texture:

Drinking enough water 

It can help you fight against some skin issues, including psoriasis and eczema. Water helps improve your skin tone and glowing skin. The researchers found that drinking three cups of water increased blood flow to the surface. Which helps 

Water helps you to improve your skin texture. It keeps us hydrous all day long. That moisture keeps skin smoother. Moisturized Skin decreases the dullness looking. It can also be a regular symptom of sandy skin texture.

Improve your diet for removing skin texture in a week

Consuming a lot of junk food is always bad for all. Alcohol, processed foods & refined carbs contain good bacteria. That makes your gut’s microbiome imbalance. It occurs your skin manifest & can lead to inflammation.

Instead, try to keep more antioxidants and vitamins on your diet chart. Remember, berries and other colorful fruits and vegetables to boost your skin’s damage. For making radiant & smooth skin, Omega-3 fatty acids are essential.

Vitamins A, C, and zinc all play essential roles in skin repair and health. Vegetables & fruits are rich in vitamins A and C. Furthermore, zinc can found in poultry & dairy products, meat & legumes.

Use face scrub/ Exfoliate to Smooth It Out


It’s important to scrub away dead skin cells at least three times a week with an exfoliant.

Anyway, for sensitive skin, use it one day a week. Choose face scrub that isn’t too harsh on your skin. Abrasive exfoliants may cause excess boredom & micro-tears.

Boost the hydration with the perfect moisturizers

Your skin is oily or dry. But it is crucial to balance your skin’s sebum production by using a moisturizer.

It helps to replace lost moisture & prevent flaking. Some creams & lotions are oily products. It helps to provide a smooth texture & remove dead cells of the skin. You may add some ingredients with the cream or lotion to make it more effective.

Try to use a lotion/cream that contains active ingredients. These include retinoids, growth factors, vitamin C and beta hydroxy acids. Try to be careful to use the right parts. Your skin can be worse for using the wrong moisturizer.

Use sunblock/sun protector


The most dangerous thing UV radiation is harmful to your skin. Many in older patient’s skin damage caused because of unprotected sun exposure. Chronic sun damage has a critical & cumulative effect. Resulting in destroying the collagen and elastin connective tissues of our skin.

When you’re sipping a margarita by the beach, 80% of UV rays can enter cloud cover. It can go through glass and car windows. The time of winter, when rays reflect on the snow and bounce back, hits your skin twice.

For daily use, choose broad-spectrum SPF 30. It gives skin protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

Apply Oil for Removing Skin Texture


Your face may some specific side or on the sides of your nose is a little rough due to blackheads. You might get oil treatment. Products of oil-based can regulate the production of sebum.

If you’re facing uneven textured, blackhead-speckled on the nose. You can get rid of this problem by regular use of facial oil. It contains antibacterial and kukui nut oil. 

Remove Your Skin Texture Using Turmeric 

There are few secrets to smooth the skin. Keep in mind that food goes into your body, and can be the result of achieving great looking skin. We know turmeric as a spice used in curries, and it gives them that yellow color.

Dermatology experts say turmeric has many healing properties. Curcumin is another main compound containing potent antioxidant & anti-inflammatory agents.

These properties have:

  • Inflammation reducing.
  • Incredible benefits to the skin and 
  • Supple texture detoxifying.

Take Micro-Needling Treatment


Micro-needling is a method used to treat different skin conditions. Micro-needling is popular with beauty editors. It gives effective & quick results for general uneven texture & scarring.

The technique requires little needles to do a tiny puncture in the skin. It can cause physical trauma. This process enters into the deeper layer of skin, to rebuild.

It also helps with many skin-related complaints, such as:

  • Alopecia
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin pigmentation issues
  • Scarring
  • Acne
  • Loose skin, such as after weight loss
  • Stretch marks
  • Rosacea

Meanwhile, professionals can use it to get medications, such as vitamin C, deeper into the skin. It can boost the treatment of a variety of skin texture problems. Including acne scarring. You can try it yourself at home using a device that’s the same process called derma-rolling.

Your skin is precious to you. So keep in mind to take care of your skin from an uneven skin tone. Many skin products are available. Only a limited number have been safety or tested.

We found some tips to improve skin texture at home. Once you start to obey them, you’ll notice how your skin has improved.

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